November 13, 2021

Finding the perfect indoor dog house should be easy, right? But with so many products on the market, it can feel like a challenge to find one that works for both your pet and your space. You'll need something that can keep your pet safe and secure while complementing your home decor.

To help you create the perfect resting place for your pooch, we've rounded up the best and most stylish indoor dog houses below. These wooden end tables, corner crates, and two-story pet palaces offer a stylish alternative to unsightly metal crates.

18 Stylish And The Best Indoor Dog House Choices

Archie & Oscar Ginny Pet Crate

Best Overall

Archie & Oscar Ginny Pet Crate

Archie & Oscar's Ginny Pet Crate is hard to beat when it comes to indoor dog houses. The stylish design doubles as an end table in your living room, bedroom, or office. It's practical, versatile, and more budget-friendly than most furniture dog crates on the market. The cozy space is crafted from a recycled plastic-wood polymer composite that won't crack, splinter or warp over time like wood. Stainless steel hardware and accents in a brushed silver finish bring a sleek finish. The durable dog house comes in four sizes and four wood finishes to accommodate every dog breed and decor style out there.

Boot & Barkley Square Collapsible Indoor Dog House

Searching for a small indoor dog house, you can bring on the go? Look no further than this Square Collapsible Indoor Dog House from Boot & Barkley. Its cube design features soft, cushioned walls that fold flat for easy storage and travel. A plush pillow lining provides your pooch with a comfy resting place in the car, hotel room, or office while providing a private space for your furry pal. The compact size makes it an excellent choice for puppies, small dog breeds, and cats.

Tucker Murphy Pet Furlow Wood Dog House

Best Small Indoor Dog House

Tucker Murphy Pet Furlow Wood Dog House

Give your small dog the home of their dreams with this Furlow Wood Dog House from Tucker Murphy Pet. The wooden dog house features a generous cubby area with a slanted roof that acts as both a ramp and an added storage space. A laminated, anti-slip surface ensures stable footing while your dog climbs onto your bed or looks out the window. Beneath a flip-up lid, you'll find a hidden storage area that's the perfect size for extra toys, treats, and pet supplies. Inside the inviting sleeping cubby lies a cozy cushion for your pet to curl up on while they snooze. The multi-function dog house is finished on all sides so that you can place it just about anywhere in your home.

Archie & Oscar Bridlington Pet Crate

While most large metal crates are an eyesore in your living room, this Bridlington Pet Crate from Archie & Oscar is anything but. Depending on the room, the spacious indoor dog house can double as anything from an entertainment center to an entryway table to a buffet. There's plenty of room inside for dogs of all sizes and plenty of counter space on top to display photos, lamps, and tabletop decor. It also comes with a removable divider that allows you to house two dogs at once, making it an excellent choice for multi-pet households. The versatile indoor dog house comes in three different sizes and a range of stylish wood finishes.

FurHaven House Footstool Dog & Cat Bed

This FurHaven House Footstool Dog and Cat Bed was designed with pet parents in mind, and it's one of the best soft indoor dog houses. The 2-in-1 indoor dog house doubles as a resting spot for your pet and a footrest for your feet. It's the perfect size, shape, and style for a living room, den, or bedroom corner. The padded top provides added insulation while offering a comfortable place to prop up your feet while you read a book or watch TV. Choose from three solid-colored options and two hygge-inspired stripes, all made from durable canvas with a soft fleece base. It comes in two size options to fit most cats and small to medium-sized dogs.

Tucker Murphy Pet Wyman Insulated Plastic Dog House

If your dog sleeps in the garage, give them this Wyman Insulated Plastic Dog House from Tucker Murphy Pet. It's the perfect dog house for a garage, deck, patio, or covered outdoor space. Dual vents encourage airflow without feeling too drafty on cold winter days. A raised floor bottom prevents water and dirt from collecting, keeping your pet's sleeping area dry in any weather. With two sizes to choose from, it's a suitable option for any size pet.

Casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden End Table Pet House

A dual-purpose end table is undoubtedly the best type of indoor dog house for small spaces. This casual Home Modern Lattice Wooden End Table offers a spacious interior for your pet and a practical flat top for storage and decoration. The stylish lattice design allows for ample fresh air circulation to keep your pup cool during hot weather and natural light while adding a dose of style to your space. The practical indoor dog house locks firmly to keep your pets safely inside while you're away from home. It's the perfect hideaway for small to medium-sized dogs.

Weelywally Volendam Covered Pet Bed

Who said indoor dog houses had to detract from your home decor? This Weelywally Volendam Covered Pet Bed features a modern Dutch-inspired design that looks great in any home. Its raised design and ventilation holes ensure ample airflow to prevent pet odors from accumulating and create a more peaceful sleeping environment. The wooden base is sealed with a scratch-resistant, non-toxic Danish oil finish. Plus, the plush liner comes with a machine-washable cover for easy clean-up. Weelywally's stylish indoor dog house comes in four color options: black, light grey, salmon, and white.

Archie & Oscar Damien Corner Pet Crate

Corner crates are an excellent way to save space in a small living room or bedroom. This Damien Corner Pet Crate from Archie & Oscar offers ample room for your furry friend to sleep without wasting one bit of floor space. The top can be used to display photos, lamps, and flowers just like a real table. Its large size makes it an excellent choice for big dogs who need plenty of space to spread out. The stylish corner unit comes in a wide assortment of over twenty wood shades and three top finishes.

Best Pet Supplies Home Sweet Home Indoor Dog House

How cute is this 'Home Sweet Home' Indoor Dog House from Best Pet Supplies? The plush dog house is made from ultra-soft polyfoam covered in machine-washable fabric. To prevent the bed from sliding around on wood and tile floors, it's equipped with a practical non-slip base. The lightweight, collapsible design makes it a no-brainer for pet parents on the go. It comes in three color options— brown, grey, and tan— all with a sweet 'home sweet home' message written above the door.

Tucker Murphy Pet Nickell Brown Wood Insulated Dog House

Give your pooch the palace they deserve with this Nickell Insulated Dog House from Tucker Murphy Pet. While it's great for indoor use, it also makes an excellent addition to any deck, patio, or screened porch with an elevated floor. The two-level design features a cozy sleeping spot with a side ladder to a second-story balcony. A raised bottom keeps the solid wood frame dry in wet conditions, while a removable roof ensures it's easy to clean. It's the ultimate combination for puppies and small dogs weighing up to 25 lbs.

DEStar Rattan Wicker Dog Crate

Searching for a stylish dog crate to tuck your pooch in while you're away? This DEStar Rattan Wicker Dog Crate is just what you're looking for. Its sturdy frame is constructed from a blend of imitation rattan and lightweight metal for maximum durability. While it makes an excellent indoor dog house, it can also be used outside. The best part is, it comes with a heavyweight polyester cover to keep it dry and protected when not in use.

Ware Manufacturing Premium Wood Dog House

For a classic look, stick with an indoor dog house made from solid wood. This Premium Wood Dog House from Ware Manufacturing is crafted from high-quality fir wood that's both durable and functional. A hinged lid makes it easy to access the interior for cleaning and rearranging. With three sizes to choose from, it makes a great gift for any pet parent, including yourself.

Modern Dog And Cat House With Acrylic Door

This modern dog house is both stylish for your home and provides comfort for your pet. Well ventilated and lit with three sides of ventilation holes and light windows. The acrylic door allows your pet to observe what is happening from its hiding place, so they feel safe and protected. It is the perfect household harmony.

Ships fully assembled for the standard size. If you need medium and large, assembly is required with pre-made holes and screws.

Fully Transparent Modern Dog House

Best Fully Transparent Dog House

Fully Transparent Modern Dog House

If you have a dog who has separation anxiety or gets anxious easily, a fully transparent dog house might just be the perfect dog house. The three-size ventilation holes allow the space inside to be well ventilated. And because it's transparent, it is well lit and allows your pet to keep an eye on the surroundings and you!

This house will ship unassembled, so assembly is required.

Hugh Pet Crate

Best Pet Crate And House

Hugh Pet Crate

If you need a dog house and crate combined, then check out this Hugh Pet Crate from Archie & Oscar. The stylish design will blend easily with your existing furniture and decor without worrying about it being an eyesore. Crafted from manufactured wood with laminate and metal slats in a neutral finish and a double door to let your baby in and out with ease. This is the perfect crate for a medium-size dog.

Dog House By Originaldogfuriture

Best Personalized Dog House

Dog House By Originaldogfuriture

This wonderful dog house is super comfortable for your dog to lounge on. It is stylish and suits almost every home design. Made from quality plywood, safe oil coloring, and stylish sloping asphalt roof. Not to mention, you can personalize this dog house to make it even more special!

Petsfit Portable Pop Up Pet Cage

An innovative pop-up design pet cage is a must-have for fur parents. From traveling in the car to road trip stays, this cage is super convenient with its pop-up design that only takes a few seconds to put together while keeping your furry companion comfortable. Perfect size for any pet up to 25 pounds, and it features waterproof material and easy cleaning.

How To Find The Best Dog House

Dog houses not only protect your fur friend from extreme weather but also provide them with a sense of security, privacy, protection, and a safe space. Before you begin shopping, you'll need to determine what size you're looking for. Narrowing down what you're looking for can help ensure you find the right product for both you and your pet.

Jot down your dog's weight and size so you can double-check the product you've selected is well-suited for your pet. An indoor dog house that's too small won't provide your pet with enough space to rest comfortably. And if they're over the weight limit, it may pose a serious safety risk.

You'll also want to consider what style you're looking for. Are you searching for an indoor dog house that doubles as a crate? Or perhaps you're just looking for a cozy covered bed for them to snuggle up in.

A dog house needs regular cleaning. What is the easiest way for you to clean, toss it in a washer with a mild detergent or a simple wipe down?

Once you have a good idea of the size and style you're looking for, check out our recommendations for the best dog houses above.

Why You Need A Dog House

Safe space

Regardless of an indoor or outdoor dog house, a dog house serves as a cozy, safe space for your companion friend. It gives your dog a sense of protection, privacy, and security.

Rest area

Like you, a dog needs a spot that they call their own. At this rest area, they can curl up, take a nap, unwind, and a place to hide.

Protection from extreme weather

Many dogs are sensitive to weather, and small dogs are susceptible to weather. They need a cozy indoor dog house to stay warm and feel safe.


Some people use indoor dog houses as part of house training. Potty training can be a difficult task, and a kennel or crate can ease the challenge.

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