The Pet Staff offers simple and practical advice around all types of pets. Our content is well researched, accurate and verified by multiple sources. If we don't know about something - we will simply say that.

Most of the staff are pet owners, worked in vet clinics and have degrees in animal science. They know how important those family members are! Our strong backgrounds in animal science and experience raising all types of pets helps us cover over 2,000 topics; from cats and parrots, to pigs and birds. We produce up to date informative articles full of valuable information to help you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create trustworthy well researched content backed up by experts to help your pet live longer and happier. After all, happy pet - happy pet?! .. oh wait. Never mind! We hope to make The Pet Staff your go to source for pet education, product reviews and expert advice. 

Our Responsibility

Being a reader supported website bears a huge responsibility on us and we don’t take it lightly. A large portion of our content consists of product reviews and advice. We want to be super transparent on how we create those posts. 

Reviews and recommended products are usually tested by our team however there are so many products that it is impossible to review every single one individually. In those cases, we rely on customer reviews from a multitude of major retail websites (like Amazon, Google, etc..) as well as other well reputed trusted sources. 

Explaining What We Mean By “Best”

Our team looks at many factors when determining what products are the “best” and we want to be clear about what we mean when we use that term. We totally understand that what is best for one person might not be the best for another, which is why we explain in detail the reasons why we think something is the “best” under each product. 

We include ratings for different factors, product details, descriptions as well as quick tag-lines to help you identify what category/application we think a product is best in. 

Our Promise

When a product is great, we will call it out! If it’s bad we will call it out too. We are not beholden to any brand or product so you never have to worry about any bias. We also know that we don’t know everything. If we don’t know something we will say that we don’t know it. 

We promise to never include any “bad” products. In the rare case that a product deteriorates in quality over time, or is consistently receiving negative reviews (due to change in management or whatever reason) - we continuously review our posts and will remove it as soon as we are notified. 

About The Founder

Lara Grisko 

Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine & Chief Editor @ ThePetStaff

lara grisko the pet staff

Lara is a mother of 3 kids, multiple cats & dogs, a rabbit and a few hamsters! She spends most of her time raising kids and trying to read books to expand her knowledge. 

A doctor of veterinary medicine with extensive experience in animal welfare with a strong interest in feline medicine and plans to pursue ABVP-Feline specialty board certification. A key member of many local veterinary associations and avid reader of animal related science journals and studies. 

Thank you for reading about us. We hope to make The Pet Staff your go to resource of highest quality information to all visitors.

I hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Thank You!

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