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Lara Grisko, 

Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine & Chief Editor @ ThePetStaff

lara grisko the pet staff

Lara is a mother of 3 kids, multiple cats & dogs, a rabbit and a few hamsters! She spends her most of her time raising kids and trying to read books to expand her knowledge. 

A doctor of veterinary medicine with extensive experience in animal welfare with a strong interest in feline medicine and plans to pursue ABVP-Feline specialty board certification. A key member of many local veterinary associations and avid reader of animal related science journals and studies. 

About This Blog

The Pet Staff offers simple and practical advice around all types of pets. Our content is well researched, accurate and verified by multiple sources. If we don't know about something - we will simply say that.

Most of the staff are pet owners, worked in vet clinics and have degrees in animal science. They know how important those family members are! Our strong backgrounds in animal science and experience raising all types of pets helps us cover over 2,000 topics; from cats and parrots, to pigs and birds. We produce up to date informative articles full of valuable information to help you.

Thank you for reading about us. We hope to make this a useful resource by providing the highest quality information to all visitors.

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