July 8, 2021

As a cat owner, you've probably noticed that your kitty likes to hang out in high places like the back of the couch, the kitchen counter, or a windowsill. So why not give your indoor cat a cozy place just for them?

A cat window perch offers a safe, comfortable place to nap, play, enjoy the sunshine comfortably, and observe the outside world. But these convenient cat perches aren't just great for your lovable feline friend. They save space, protect your furniture, and are easy to clean and install.

To help you find the perfect cat bed for your kitty, we've rounded up the best cat window perches, along with some helpful information to know before you shop.

What is a cat window perch?

A cat window perch is a cat bed that attaches directly to your window or window sill. While some perches are mounted directly onto the sill, most are attached to the window using giant suction cups that create a hammock-like bed. When shopping for window perch, you may also see products referred to as a cat window hammock or a cat window seat.

Advantages of using cat perches

Cat perches come with a whole host of advantages over cat towers, cat trees, and other styles of cat furniture:

  • Help keep cats off furniture— A cat perch provides your kitty an elevated surface that's just for them. As a result, they'll be less inclined to climb on your furniture.
  • Keeps cats safe from pets— A cat window perch gives cats a high place to escape from dogs, kids, and other pets, providing them with an added sense of security while they sleep and observe their surroundings.
  • Saves space— Because a cat hammock attaches right to your window or sill, it won't take up unnecessary floor space. Their space-saving design makes them a popular choice for apartments and smaller rooms in your home.
  • Easy to clean— Unlike cat trees which can collect dirt, hair, and pet dander, most cat window perches come with a machine washable cover that makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Little to no installation required— Most cat perches attach to the window using suction cups, so they take little effort to install.
  • Additional mental stimulation— A window perch provides indoor cats with a little more mental stimulation than other cat furniture. Thanks to the window seat, your kitties can observe the great outdoors, spy on birds, and relax in the sunshine.

Why do cats love window sills?

There are a number of reasons why cats like window sills. For one, cats love high places for the safety and protection they provide. A cat window perch provides a safe place for your cat to sleep without being disturbed by people or other pets.

Additionally, cats love looking out the window and observing nature and their surrounding environment. A window perch is ideal for bird-watching and can keep your cat entertained for hours.

Another reason cats love window perches is that they offer a safe, comfortable place to take a sunbath. Cats like to feel warm and secure when they sleep. Plus, sunlight helps regulate cats' body temperatures without needing to burn additional calories.

How To find the best cat window perch

With a variety of different product styles on the market, selecting the right cat perch can be easier said than done. When it comes to cat window perches, here are a few key features to look for:

  • Machine-washable cover— When it comes to choosing a cat window perch, a removable, machine-washable cover is an absolute must, especially during shedding season.
  • Easy installation— The best cat window perches offer easy assembly with no tools required. Look for a window bed with suction cup attachments that can be removed or adjusted without damaging your window or sill.
  • Durable materials— Forego cheap plastic in favor of extra-strong materials like stainless steel, oversized suction cups, and tough felt or fleece fabrics.
  • Plush cushion— To ensure your kitty has a cozy place to sleep, choose a cat window perch with a thick foam pad or plush memory foam cushion.
  • Weigh limit— Before purchasing a window perch for your multi-cat household, you'll want to double-check the cat perch is strong enough to support more than one cat.
  • Compatible with your sill size— If you're opting for a cat window seat that attaches to the windowsill instead of suction cups to the window, you'll want to make sure the brackets are compatible with the width of your sills.

So without further ado, let's highlight a few of the best cat window perches on the market in 2021.

The Best Cat Window Perches of 2021

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

Best Space-Saving Design

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill

When it comes to cat window perches, it doesn't get much better than this EZ Mount Window Bed Kitty Sill from K&H Pet Products. The space-saving cat bed sticks right to your window with EZ-Mount suction cups that install in seconds on virtually all glass windows and doors. It also includes K&H's Amazin' Kitty Pad that acts as an insulator to absorb your cat's body heat— and it traps their pesky pet dander too!

The window perch pairs perfectly with K&H's other window-mounted cat products like the EZ-Mount Self-Grooming Brush and the EZ-Mount Window Scratcher.

Overall Dimensions— 27 in x 6 in x 11 in

Recommended Pet Weight— 60 lbs

Pawslife Deluxe Cat Window Perch

Most Comfortable Window Bed

Pawslife Deluxe Cat Window Perch

Looking for a cat bed that won't block your view out the window? This sturdy Pawslife Deluxe Cat Window Perch offers your kitty the perfect spot to watch birds, bask in the sun, and take an afternoon catnap right on your windowsill. Unlike the average cat hammock, it mounts onto the sill instead of sticking to the window with suction cups. The shelf-style window seat features a plush bed with a thick foam pad and a removable cover that's machine-washable for easy cleaning. Installation is easy, and all hardware needed comes included.

Overall Dimensions— 24 in x 12 in x 11.5 in

Recommended Pet Weight— 25 lbs

Whiskers and Paws Store Bunk Bed Cat Window Hammock

Best Cat Perch for Two Cat Households

Whiskers and Paws Store Bunk Bed Cat Window Hammock

If your household has more than one cat, opt for a double-decker window perch like this Bunk Bed Cat Window Hammock from the Whiskers and Paws Store. It provides cats with not one but two comfortable places to watch nature, sleep, and soak up the sun. The suction-cup mounts, stainless steel support cables, and durable pine wood frame are strong enough to support the weight of two full-grown cats with ease. Pet owners can choose between two sleek fabric colors: dark blue and black.

Overall Dimensions— 20 1/4 in x 20 in x 20 in

Recommended Pet Weight— 53 lbs

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch

Most Stylish Design

K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch

Unlike most cat window perches, the stylish design of this Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch from K&H Pet Products actually compliments your home decor. Its adjustable brackets fit almost any window and are sturdy enough to support multiple cats. Thanks to a soft, machine-washable fleece cover and thick orthopedic foam, it provides cats with all-day comfort while they sleep in the sun. Complete your cat's window oasis with K&H's EZ-Mount Up & Away Kitty Double Diner, EZ-Mount Track n' Roll Interactive Cat Toy, or the EZ-Mount Window Cat Scratcher.

Overall Dimensions— 14 in x 24 in x 9 in

Recommended Pet Weight— 40 lbs

Design House Boutique PurrchPerfect Window Sill Cat Perch

Worth the Splurge

Design House Boutique PurrchPerfect Window Sill Cat Perch

The PurrchPerfect Window Sill Cat Perch from Design House Boutique is handmade from high-quality materials that are built to last. The reclaimed pine wood frame easily attaches to any standard window sill without requiring any tools, drilling, or glue. Plus, its wooden legs come equipped with non-scratch padding on the tips to prevent scratches and damage to your walls. Cat owners can choose from four sleek finishes: natural pine wood, grey felt, soft white faux fur, and genuine sheepskin.

Overall Dimensions— 24 in x 7.5 in

Recommended Pet Weight— 40 lbs

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Cat Window Perch

Best Enclosed Design

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Penthouse Cat Window Perch

If your cat loves snoozing in small spaces, try a cat perch with an enclosed design. The EZ-Mount Penthouse Cat Window Perch from K&H Pet Products offers cats an uninhibited view through mesh windows and has a built-in ledge that allows cats to enter and exit with ease. The cat window bed attaches securely to almost any window with K&H's proven suction cup mounting system. Plus, it's lined with a comfortable micro-fleece pad that can be removed for easy washing.

Overall Dimensions— 23 in x 19 in x 9.5 in

Recommended Pet Weight— 50 lbs

PEFUNY Cat Window Perch

Best for Large Cats

PEFUNY Cat Window Perch

This durable PEFUNY Cat Window Perch is ideal for large cats that need extra room to sprawl out during their afternoon catnaps. Thanks to a super-strong fabric cover and advanced pipes with rope clip slots, the frame and stainless steel rope stay securely in place at all times. The premium set comes with a rugged fabric mat and flannel pads that make the kitty cot extra comfortable for cats to sleep on.

Overall Dimensions— 25.6 in x 14.6 in x 22.5 in

Recommended Pet Weight— 40 lbs

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