July 14, 2021

It's no secret that cats love climbing to high places and curling up in cozy beds. So why not provide your furry friend with a plush cat hammock, cat tree, or cat bed to lounge in instead of your sofa, chair, or bed?

To help you find the perfect perch for your cat, we've rounded up the best cat hammocks to add to your space this summer. These comfortable hammocks give cats the high perches they need to rest, play, escape from other pets, and stay relaxed in their surroundings.

The Best Cat Hammocks To Add To Your Home

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Cat Window Perch 

Best Window Perch

K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Cat Window Perch

If you're short on space, you can still give your cat a soft, comfortable place to sleep. This EZ Mount Cat Window Perch from K&H Pet Products attaches right to your window so you won't waste an ounce of the wall or floor space on your cat hammock. It even folds up so you can close the blinds without needing to remove the hanging bed. Plus, it helps keep indoor cats entertained by providing the perfect spot for spying on birds, lounging in the sun, and taking in the sights and sounds of the surrounding outdoor area.

The EZ Mount Cat Window Perch is easy to install and incredibly sturdy. Each specially-designed Push n' Turn suction cup holds over 50 lbs, ensuring the cat hammock stays firmly in place no matter the size of your cat. Its removable fabric cover is machine washable for easy upkeep. The window-mounted bed measures 12 in x 23 in and requires a window that is at least 24 in wide x 19 in high.

Amazon Basics Cat Tree with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post

Amazon Basics' Cat Tree with Hammock Bed and Scratching Post offers cats an area to lounge, play, and scratch whenever they want. The all-in-one cat bed features an elevated cat hammock on top that's held up by two scratching post pillars on a stable carpeted stand. Its compact size (15.7 in x 15.7 in x 19.7 in) and neutral color help the hammock to blend in seamlessly with your home decor.

If you are looking for affordable cat hammocks to add to your home, then look no further. And don't let this affordable price fool you. The AmazonBasics Cat Tree with Hammock Bed and Scratching post is built to last. The stand is designed with plush carpeting material, cozy fabric, and towers made from natural jute fibers that keep cats' nails healthy and your chair, couch, or other furniture scratch-free. Choose between a beige and grey color hammock for the same affordable price.

FUKUMARU Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock

Looking for cat hammocks that won't be an eyesore in your house? Look no further than this small Wall-Mounted Cat Hammock from FUKUMARU. The small size and simple design make it a great choice for homes with just one kitty. Your cat will love playing with toys and relaxing in the sun in their new favorite spot in the house.

The floating cat hammock is hand-crafted with a strong wood frame and a soft, machine-washable fabric cover that's easy to remove. The hammock measures 16 in x 12 in and is small enough to be hung in living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas around your home. Tools and easy-to-understand instructions come included, so installation takes less than 15 minutes.

CosyAndDozy Handmade Wall-Mounted CHILL Cat Bed

The Handmade Wall-Mounted CHILL Platform from CosyAndDozy offers cats a safe, comfy spot for sleeping and relaxing. Its curved base and plush fabric create an inviting space that your kitties are sure to love. The mounted cat hammock is sturdy enough to hold 44 lbs and has plenty of room enough for more than one furry friend.

Pet owners can choose from a variety of wood finishes, fabric colors, and metal brackets that ensure your kitties' favorite spot blends right into your home decor. The hanging hammock measures 16 in x 20 in and weighs 8.8 lbs.

Olive & D Wall-Mounted Wooden Cat Shelf

Best Floating Hammock Bridge

Olive & D Wall-Mounted Wooden Cat Shelf

Olive & D's Wooden Cat Shelf provides the perfect spot for your cats to have fun and relax. The bridge-like design of the hammock encourages your cats to have a more active lifestyle while still providing a comfortable place to take a nap.

The wooden cat hammock is made from natural pine wood that actually adds style, unlike most cat furniture. Plus, the solid material makes it easy to wipe clean and dust away cat hair that might get caught in cotton or fleece fabrics. Fully stretched, it measures 56.7 in x 7 in, but the posts can be adjusted to fit your space. 

CatastrophiCreations Wall-Mounted Play Furniture

Best For Multiple Cats

CatastrophiCreations Wall-Mounted Play Furniture

CatastrophiCreations Wall-Mounted Play Furniture provides plenty of room for your pets to play with toys, take a nap, or share a cuddle. The modular design allows pet owners to customize their set-up and can easily be combined with CatastrophiCreations other cat supplies like their hanging scratching posts and elevated feeders. Its larger size makes a great choice for houses with multiple cats.

The hanging cat hammock is made from durable canvas materials and a bamboo wood frame. Hidden brackets—installed over 6 studs at 16 ft apart— provide a floating look. The shelves measure 16 in x 78 in x 16 in and can support up to 85 lbs.

wowhelperco Wall-Mounted Flower

This uniquely designed cat hammock from wowhelperco is perfect for single-cat households and looks from something both practical and stylish. The flower-shaped cat hammock is great for playing, sleeping, and observing the surrounding area, thanks to a transparent acrylic base that allows your kitty to look out from all angles.

The hammock is handmade from birch plywood coated in high-quality grey paint that's safe for both you and your kitty. The cat perch measures 6 in x 20.7 in x 19.5 in and easily installs right onto any flat wall.

Macramebeautiful Macrame Cat Hammock

Best Boho Style Bed Hammock

Macramebeautiful Macrame Cat Hammock

If you are looking for a beautiful hammock to go with your Boho-style home, then look no further than this macrame cat hammock from Macrame Beautiful. This beautiful hammock is made from 100% cotton cords, and it is super soft and comfortable.

You can purchase the cushion with or without the hammock, and you have six color options to choose from. Each hammock is measured 15.74 inches wide and 43.3 inches long.

7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock

Best Wall Mount For Any Age Cat

7 Ruby Road Cat Hammock

7 Ruby Road's wall-mounted cat hammock is perfect for any age of cats, from kitty to adulthood. It is perfect for catnaps and chilling on the ultra-comfortable hammock. The simple, minimalistic design with neutral color palettes, it can blend seamlessly into any decor.

This fun to climb and easy-to-clean hammock is made of 100% natural material like beechwood, plywood, and cotton canvas (an easy breeze to hand wash odors and fur out). This is the perfect set for a large cat or two small cats.

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