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It's no secret that cats love a nice, warm place to sleep.

As descendants of desert-dwellers, cats are naturally drawn to heat. Their internal body temperature runs higher than humans, meaning they'll need to compensate for greater heat loss as temperatures start to drop. This winter, expect to find your kitty curled up in a sunny patch on the floor, on top of the heating vent, in your freshly folded laundry, or perhaps in one of the heated cat beds below.

So to help you create an inviting space for your kitty to sleep, we've rounded up the best-heated cat beds and heating pads on the market today. These cozy beds are perfect for Fall and Wintertime or for outdoor cats and kittens that sleep in a barn, garage, porch, or covered outdoor space. They can mimic the heat of a fostered kitten's mother and even provide heat therapy for aging cats.

The Best Heated Cat Beds

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. It's reliable, affordable, energy-efficient, and most importantly, super cozy for your feline friend. The heated cat bed features a rounded design with a plush heated base and 6-inch tall foam walls. Its cozy polyester cover can be removed and tossed right in the washing machine for easy clean-up. A thermostatically controlled 4-watt heater automatically warms to your pet's body temperature and rests in eco-mode when not in use. Simply remove the heated mat during the warmer months for year-round use.

RIOGOO Waterproof Pet Heating Pad

Looking for a basic heating pad to tuck into your pet's bed? Try RIOGOO's Waterproof Pet Heating Pad! In addition, this bed is great for large cats, dogs, rabbits, and other small pets too. The waterproof heating pad comes equipped with an adjustable temperature of 80-130 degrees F and a convenient timer with an automatic shut-off function after 1-12 hours. Its 7-layer protective design, UL-approved heating wire, and chew-resistant stainless steel cord ensure safe operation every time.

Pet Genius Heated Pet Pad

This versatile Pet Genius Heated Pet Pad can be used on its own or tucked under your cat's favorite bed, blanket, or pillow. It heats quickly, maintains a consistent temperature during use, and operates safely every time. Consider it the perfect way to keep your kitty warm this winter!

The heated cat bed is designed with intelligent temperature control sensors that prevent overheating and uneven heat distribution. Its fully removable, machine-washable sherpa cover feels soft and cozy to the touch.

K&H Pet Products Thermal Heating Pad with Removable Cover

Keep your kitty nice and warm this winter with this Thermal Heating Pad from K&H Pet Products. It'll help regulate their body temperature, soothe sore muscles, and help them unwind during their mid-day nap. The thermal heating pad features a removable 13-watt heater with easy temperature adjustment and a machine-washable cover made of cozy polyester fleece. Its compact size makes it the perfect heating pad to slip into your cat or small dog's bed- making this one of the best cat beds!

Frisco Self-Warming Round Pet Bed

Frisco's Self-Warming Round Pet Bed keeps your kitty nice and warm without requiring any electricity. Instead, it's made with an insulating material that reflects your pet's body heat while they lounge. Plus, it's machine-washable to keep dust, dander, and pet hair at bay.

The self-warming bed comes in an array of neutral colors to complement any indoor space. Slip it into your pet's crate as a cozy lining or use it on its own as a dog or cat bed. Cats love curling up against the plush material and bolstered sides.

Picture Round Cuddler Cat Bed

Few cat beds are cuter than this Pecute Round Cuddler Cat Bed. It's covered in super-cozy, machine-washable shag fur with an adorable cat tail and ears detail on the sides and non-slip pads on the bottom. The round bed shape features a raised rim for added security and support for cats who like to burrow in and curl up in tight spaces. High-rebound cotton PP naturally traps your cat's body heat to keep them nice and warm while they take a nap.

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty Cat Shelter

Give your kitty a cozy place to sleep this winter with K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Kitty Cat Shelter. The house-shaped shelter is lined with a fully removable 20-watt orthopedic heated cat bed. Insulated walls and a protective roof keep your feline friend nice and cozy in any weather. Removable plastic flaps provide added protection from the weather while still offering an easy escape route. It's perfect for outdoor cats sleeping in barns, garages, and covered porches.

Tooley Weatherproof Heated Cat House

If your cat prefers to curl up in an enclosed space, try this Weatherproof Heated Cat House from Toozey. The cute house-shaped cat bed is lined with a 30-watt thermostatic and heating pad with a chew-resistant cord and ultra-soft velvet cover.

Its waterproof roof and base make it a great choice for outdoor use. Try placing the heated bed on your porch for neighborhood cats to curl up in during rain, snow, and cold winter weather. The clear door flaps provide added protection from the elements while still allowing for a quick escape.

Thermotex Far Infrared Heated Cat Bed

For senior cats, there's the Thermotex Far Infrared Heated Cat Bed. It's designed with Thermotex's patented technology to increase blood flow, soothe stiff muscles, and reduce inflammation from arthritis and joint pain. The soothing infrared wavelengths penetrate 10x deeper than traditional wire heating for better relaxation and muscle relief. Plus, it comes with a plush, machine-washable cover that's easy to keep clean.

K&H Pet Products Heated A-Frame Cat House

Offer your outdoor cats the perfect place to sleep this winter with this cozy Heated A-Frame Cat House from K&H Pet Products. The triangle-shaped cat house is lined with an energy-efficient, temperature-controlled 20-watt heated floor. Weatherproof exterior fabric and a plush interior keep your furry friend warm at any temperature. Two removable door flaps provide added protection from the elements while allowing for a quick escape from predators. Plus, it folds compactly up for easy storage in the summertime.

Tucker Murphy Pet Hurdland Heated Orthopedic Round Cat Bed

Searching for a stylish self-warming cat bed for indoor household use? Check out this Tucker Murphy Pet Hurdland Heated Orthopedic Round Cat Bed! Its unique slipper shape and simple grey and cream color scheme won't detract from your home decor like other pet beds.

The bed's egg-crate foam base provides plenty of cushions while locking in your pet's body heat to keep them nice and warm while they sleep. An anti-skid base prevents the bed from slipping around on hardwood floors. Two built-in bells provide endless hours of entertainment between naps.

Bodiseint Plush Round Self-Warming Pet Bed

Bodisent's Plush Round Self-Warming Pet Bed is the perfect addition to any windowsill, sofa, or pet owner's bed. Its minimalist, modern design blends seamlessly into any interior space. And with four sizes and six color options available, there's one for every cat, kitten, and small dog out there!

The bed is filled with plush recycled polyester that naturally traps your cat's body heat to surround them with warmth while they rest. A cozy fleece exterior feels super soft against your cat's paws, and a water-resistant, non-skid bottom prevents the bed from soaking up spilled water bowls and sliding around on hardwood floors.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed

If your cat likes to burrow under blankets, hide under the bed, and curl up in tight spaces, try K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Deluxe Hooded Cat Bed. It's fitted with a dual-thermostat 4-watt heating unit that's fully removable for easy machine washing between uses. Soft micro-fleece lining and a premium polyfill pillow base offer all the comfort and support your kitty could ask for. It's available in two different size options to accommodate cats and kittens of all sizes.

How to choose a heated cat bed:

Heating Source

Self Heating Beds

Self-heating beds don't run on electricity as a source of heat. The self-heating technology keeps your cat warm and cozy using its body heat.

Electrical Heated Beds

These types of beds are powered by electricity through heated pads inserts. These beds have low wattage and an internal thermostat, so they won't rack up your electricity bills. If you are planning on purchasing an electric heated bed, you want to make sure it's been tested for safety. One of the most common agencies that test for safety is the MET. If products have reached their safety standards, they're often referred to as MET listed or MET certified.

Another thing to consider when it comes to safety is making sure the electrical cord is hand wrapped to prevent pets from chewing.


This will depend on your cats' preference. Some cats like to curl up or be cradled, while some enjoy being stretched out. When in doubt, it's better to get a slightly large option.

If you have multiple cats, consider whether they will share. If so, then opt for a large heated cat bed for multiple cats. If not, you may want to look at the individual ones for each of them. You may want to look for ones that are designed for dogs if cat bed options aren't big enough to meet your needs for multiple cats and larger cats.


The best-heated cat beds are well padded. It helps retain heat in the bed and be comfortable for your cat to lay on. Depending on the bed's material, the cat starts to 'knead' the bed before getting comfortable. For extra comfort, you can provide additional padding by using a blanket.

Easy Cleaning

The best-heated cat bed should be easy to clean. It should be machine washable to keep the bed clean and sanitary. This is particularly important, especially when multiple cats are sharing.


Are Heated Cat Beds Safe For Cats?

When used correctly on a low setting, heated cat beds and heating pads are safe for cats, kittens, and small dogs. Only use products intended specifically for pet use, read the safety precautions, and carefully follow the directions to prevent burns and fire hazards. Here are a few tips on how to safely use a heated pet bed:

  • Before each use, test the temperature of the pet bed on the inside of your arm. If it's too hot for your comfort level, it's too hot for your pet.
  • Your pet should never lie directly on the heating pad, so you'll want to use the cover included or place a blanket on top.
  • While it may be tempting to leave your pet's heating pad on 24/7, you'll want to limit their use to prevent overexposure. Start with 20 to 30-minute long sessions every few hours. Products with self-timers and auto shut-off settings make for hassle-free operation.

If you're still worried about the safety of a heated cat bed, try a self-warming cat bed instead. They're designed with an interior insulating layer that traps your cat's body heat to provide a bit of additional warmth without requiring electricity.

Why Should You Get A Heated Cat Bed?

  • Colder Climates- If you live in a place that can get quite chilly, your cat would love a heated bed because cats love warmth!
  • Best for hairless breeds- Most cats would appreciate a heated bed. But if you have specially bred like a sphynx, they appreciate the warmth.
  • Best for all ages- Kittens need a lot of warmth as they are growing. Older cats that are small and slim can also appreciate more warmth.

How Do You Clean A Heated Cat Bed?

Depending on the bed you purchase, some come with a cover that you can machine wash on a gentle cycle and dry. Always check for cleaning instructions for that particular bed.

Where Should You Place The Bed?

You can pretty much place the bed wherever your power cord allows you. However, you should not place the beds in a confined space or crate. Be sure your cat has enough space to get up and leave whenever it pleases.

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