July 13, 2021 10:08 pm

Though there are countless types of toys on the market, nothing keeps bored pups busy at home like a good old squeaky toy.

But while squeaky toys may entertain pets, the incessant squeaking sounds can drive even the most easy-going dog owner crazy. To keep you sane at home, we've rounded up the best squeaky dog toys with silent squeakers that your dog would love.

How do silent squeakers work in squeaky toys?

Unlike the squeaker in your average squeaky toys, silent squeakers are virtually noise-free. Dogs can hear at higher frequencies than humans, so while your dog hears a fun squeaking sound, you'll only hear a small puff of air. Similar to most dog whistles, most squeak at a high frequency between 24-48 kHz.

Below, we've rounded up the best squeaky dog toys with silent squeakers.

When it comes to dog toys, stick to trusted products made with long-lasting materials and durable design features (such as chew-resistant linings and reinforced seams) that won't get destroyed by fido's sharp teeth and claws. If your dog loves to play tug-of-war, you may want to choose one with a rope, handle, or lengthy design.

The Best Squeaky Dog Toys With Silent Squeakers That You Dog Would Love

TrustyPup Silent Squeak Big Head Panda

Not only is the TrustyPop Silent Squeak Big Head Panda With Ultrasonic squeaker quiet, but it's also adorable too! Plus, it's extra durable, thanks to TrustyPup's Chew Guard Technology. The cartoon-like panda helps to encourage solo play and keep your dog entertained for hours on end.

Hear Doggy! Flatties Elephant

This cute purple Flatties Elephant Dog Toy from Hear Doggy! is the perfect toy for dogs that like to play rough. Thanks to its stuffing-free design and Chew Guard technology, you'll never have to clean up destroyed toys or loose stuffing ever again! And to keep dogs entertained, the plush is equipped with an ultrasonic squeaker that only dogs can hear.

World Wise goDog Gator Monkey Silent Squeak Plush 

World Wise goDog Gator Monkey Silent Squeak Plush

The World Wide goDog Gator Monkey Silent Squeak Plush Dog Toy is designed with a tough, crew-resistant lining and reinforced seams to withstand sharp teeth and rough play. Unlike traditional squeaky toys, its silent squeaker is tuned to an ultrasonic frequency between 24 and 28 kHz, making it silent to humans while remaining thoroughly entertaining for dogs.

goDog Plush Dragon

The goDog Plush Dragon Dog Toy provides your pets with all the fun of a traditional squeaky toy without any of the irritating noise. Plus, it's designed using durable, chew-resistant materials that goDog guarantees to last longer than that of other plush squeaky toys. The adorable dragon comes in two sizes and two adorable color options: coral pink and light green.

TrustyPup Penguin Silent Squeaker

When it comes to squeaky toys, you can't go wrong with the Penguin Silent Squeaker Dog Toy from TrustyPup. The ultrasonic silent squeaker inside provides dogs with maximum fun during playtime while keeping noise to a minimum to keep you sane. Plus, it's made with a durable liner that can withstand strong jaws and sharp teeth.

SPOT Ethical Pets Skinneeez Green Frog Stuffing-Free

Both you and your dog will love this adorable Skinneeez Green Frog Stuffing-Free from SPOT Ethical Pets. The tough, stuffing-free design is a great choice for dogs that usually destroy their chew toys. Plus, the toy can be stuffed with an empty plastic water bottle for extra crinkle when your dog needs a little added fun at playtime.

SPOT Ethical Pets Push to Mute

As the name suggests, this handy Push to Mute from SPOT Ethical Pets is equipped with an easy-to-use mute button for silent play. Just push the rubber button to silence the internal squeaker and pull the strap to reactivate the sound. The tug-of-war-friendly toy features a ball made of durable rubber with a sturdy nylon strap for interactive playtime fun.

TrustyPup Silent Squeak Flamingo Squeaky Dog Plush Toy

This adorable Silent Squeak Flamingo Squeaky Dog Plush Toy from TrustyPup is sure to be your dog's new favorite toy. And thanks to its noise-free squeaker, it'll be your favorite too! The soft, fuzzy fabric and fun squeaker will keep dogs entertained for hours without unnecessary noise. Plus, it's designed with a heavy-duty lining that prevents chewed-up toys and extends product life.

Hear Doggy! Mini Flattie Giraffe Plush Toy with Silent Squeaker

This pint-sized Mini Flattie Giraffe Plush Toy from Hear Doggy! is the perfect toy for puppies and small breeds. Its silent squeaker won't disrupt your Zoom call, family dinner, or movie night with unnecessary noise. While no pet toy is entirely indestructible, the giraffe toy is equipped with Chew Guard Technology to help prevent holes and tears.

SmartPetLove Tender Tuffs Plush Squeaker-free

These cute rabbit and cow-shaped Tender Tuffs Plush Squeaker-free Dog Toys from SmartPetLove prevent boredom and support interactive play. The stuffing-free body is designed with an empty space that can hold a plastic water bottle for added excitement. Plus, the durable dog toy is equipped with proprietary TearBlok Technology to keep playtime going for longer.

Fluff & Tuff Squeaker-less Red Squirrel

This life-like Squeaker-less Red Squirrel Dog Toy from Fluff & Tuff is perfect for medium and large dog breeds. It's designed with a durable Tuffweb mesh liner, ultra-plush outer fabric, and a non-toxic polyfill that provides optimal shaping and safety. The realistic toy is perfect for playing fetch, tugging, and playtime in the cage.

TrustyPup Silent Squeak Plush Platypus Large

This silly-looking TrustyPup Silent Squeak Plush Platypus Large Dog Toy is sure to get your pooch's tail wagging at playtime. The noiseless squeaker makes it the perfect toy for the office. Underneath the soft plush fabric, TrustyPup's Chew Guard Technology adds a durable lining that outlasts most other dog toys on the market.

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