September 23, 2021

Let's face it. Litter boxes don't make the most attractive home decor. Not only do they look (and smell) undesirable, but they also waste space and detract from your other furniture in the process. So if you're looking to hide your cat's litter box in style, it's time to upgrade to a piece of practical cat litter box furniture or hidden litter boxes enclosure.

A litter box enclosure is the perfect solution to keep your cat's litter box out of sight and cat mom happy. It reduces litter tracking, and provides your cat extra privacy while they potty. Plus, many products also offer a convenient place to store litter box accessories and display photos, lamps, and other cute tabletop decorations. 

Below, we've rounded up the best cat litter box furniture options on the market today. With everything from stylish cabinets to compact litter box covers to choose from, there's something for every living space.

What to look for in a cat's litter box enclosure:

Litter box enclosures come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so we've rounded up a few useful tips to help you find the perfect one:

  • Measure Your Space Before You Buy— Before you get your heart set on a piece of litter box furniture, you'll want to measure the place you plan to put it. It's far easier to take a few quick measurements beforehand than it is to disassemble and return a product later.
  • Double Check the Cat Box Size—While most cat litter box enclosures are designed to hold a standard litter box, you'll still want to double-check the product is compatible with your litter box before you bring it home. If you have more than one litter box, you will want to make sure you can fit in more than one. If you have electronic litter boxes, make sure the furniture is tall enough to fit. And if you have large litter boxes, make sure the enclosure is wide and tall enough.
  • Cat Box Included vs. Not Included— If you don't already own a litter box, you'll also need to check if it comes with one included or if you'll need to purchase one separately.
  • Storage Space for Litter Accessories— Many cabinet-style enclosures offer extra space to store your litter scoop, bags, and spare cat litter, so they're close by for quick and easy clean-up. Look for products made with a top drawer or inner shelf for added convenience.
  • Easy to Wipe Clean— The best cat litter box enclosures provide pet parents easy access to the litter tray for hassle-free cleaning. While some products have traditional cabinet doors, others have a sliding barn door or swing open from the top. Regardless, make sure there is a wide enough opening for easy cleaning.
  • Easy Entry for your furry friendA good litter box cabinet has a large entrance that's easy for your cat to get in and out of when it's time to do their business. They're a particularly good choice for cats that like to use an enclosed litter box.
  • Odor Control— The best cat litter box furniture comes equipped with built-in odor control features like ventilation holes, slatted doors, or a filtered vent system to keep bathroom odors under control in small spaces.
  • Stylish Design— Litter box furniture should offer a good balance of style and function. Look for products made with stylish designs and materials that compliment your home decor.
  • Litter Box Combo- Many litter box furniture can offer multi purposes to your home. Styles range from storage cabinets to benches to fake planters. All can use your existing litter box or traditional litter box.

The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture And Enclosure Selections

Now that you've got a good idea of what to look for in a product let's check out the best cat litter box furniture on the market today.

Haven Litter Box Enclosure

You can integrate a little box into your home decor without compromising style. This Haven Litter box furniture offers an attractive design, while cats will appreciate the ample interior space and screened window for airflow. Additional storage area is available for a scoop and brush. With the front drop-down panel, you can easily access cleaning and maintenance.

Fit a litter box up to 17" x 21".

Tucker Murphy Pet Rinaldi Litter Box Enclosure

This practical Tucker Murphy Pet Rinaldi Litter Box Enclosure is the perfect size for a small apartment. Double French doors swing open for easy clean-up. A circular side opening allows your cat to enter and exit freely without opening the doors. The flat top is ideal for displaying books, plants, lamps, and other cute tabletop decors. Its sleek, mid-century modern design and small footprint is available in your choice of espresso with orange doors, grey wood with white doors, and all-white.

Trixie Pet Products Litter Box Enclosure

This minimalist Litter Box Enclosure from Trixie Pet Products is ideal for bathroom spaces. It's crafted from high-quality manufactured wood with a water-resistant finish that wipes clean. The wide front door opening stays securely closed during potty time thanks to a simple magnetic closure and swings wide for easy clean-up after. Ventilation holes along the back disperse unwanted bathroom odors and allow for ample airflow inside.

Merry Products Cat Washroom Bench Litter Box Cover with Storage

Looking for a litter box cabinet with a bit of storage space? Check out this Cat Washroom Bench Litter Box Cover with Storage. The bench-style cabinet fits cat boxes of all shapes and sizes to minimize messes and keep unsightly boxes out of view. It's even pre-cut with holes for power cables to accommodate self-cleaning litter boxes. A removable partition offers extra storage space for toys, scoops, and a bag of food or extra litter. The luxe engineered wood and walnut finish looks great in any laundry room, mudroom, or hallway.

Tucker Murphy Pet Torney Litter Box Enclosure

Turn your cat's litter box into a throne with this Torney Litter Box Enclosure from Tucker Murphy Pet. The house-shaped cabinet offers cats easy access while keeping unsightly messes out of sight. Its wooden front panel conceals a standard-size litter box with ease. Splayed legs and a sleek wooden finish add a stylish, modern feel to any laundry room, hallway, or interior space. The top is the perfect size for a large house plant or cozy cat bed.

New Age Pet ecoFLEX Habitat N' Home Litter Loo

Looking to hide your cat's litter box in your laundry room, bathroom, or mudroom? Try New Age Pet's ecoFLEX Habitat N' Home Litter Loo! Its compact design keeps your litter box tucked out of sight without wasting an inch. You can even place a cat bed on top to save even more floor space! The durable, easy-to-clean, urine- and moisture-resistant ecoFLEX material comes in your choice of grey, antique white, russet, and espresso finishes.

Archie & Oscar Frieda Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Archie & Oscar's Frieda Cat Litter Box Enclosure is ideal for households with multiple cats. Its roomy interior is large enough to hold a standard or large litter box inside. The wide door opening allows pet owners easy access to the litter pan when it comes time to clean. A litter catcher in the entrance helps to reduce litter tracking and keep your floor clean. The upper surface is perfect for storing pet supplies or creating a cozy spot for your kitty to sleep. The versatile white, brown, and light grey finishes compliment any interior space.

Pink Bau Cat Litter Box Double-Door Cabinet

This Pink Bau Cat Litter Box Double-Door Cabinet looks so sleek; you'd never know it's not a regular piece of furniture. The handmade litter cabinet is large enough to hold two litter boxes or a large electronic litter box with enough room left over to store your cat's food, scoop, and extra litter. Its minimalist design and sturdy construction make it a great addition to any living room, entryway, or bedroom. The spruce wood comes in your choice of five richly colored stains: natural spruce, light walnut, dark chocolate, black, and white.

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Cat Litter Planter

Fool all your house guests with this unique Hidden Cat Litter Planter from Good Pet Stuff. The clever design mimics a real clay pot with large potted plants. But inside, there's a hidden litter box with a filtered vent system that minimizes unwanted odors. Despite its compact size, the interior is roomy enough to accommodate large cats and multi-cat households. The unique litter box cover tucks neatly away in the corner of a bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Archie & Oscar Cathey Litter Box Enclosure
The Refined Feline Litter Box is versatile and practical enough to be used in almost any space. The classic bottom cabinet is cut with a side entrance and lined with a removable plastic liner to catch litter and debris. Toss a plush pet bed on top, stack a storage crate to hold your scoop and spare litter, or create a stunning potted plant display. The stylish cabinet is available in two sizes and three colors: espresso, mahogany, and smoke.
Tucker Murphy Pet Plotkin Cat Walk and Pet House Litter Box Enclosure

Tucker Murphy Pet's Plotkin Cat Walk and Pet House Litter Box Enclosure is designed with small spaces in mind. The contemporary cabinet fits a small litter box while offering plenty of storage on the flat top and inside the top storage drawer. Cat-shaped entrances on each side give cats easy access when it's time to go. It's crafted from crisp white manufactured wood with a slatted cabinet door for adequate airflow.

DINZI LVJ Litter Box Enclosure

Unlike most litter box cabinets, DINZI LVJ's Flip Top Litter Box opens from the top for easy access to the hidden litter box inside. The louvered window and side slats improve ventilation while offering your cat ample privacy as they use the loo. Perfect end table material, a nightstand, or an entryway bench. The rustic brown wood finish is sure to bring a luxurious feel to your space, regardless of where you put it.

Pink Bau Modern Spruce Wood Litter Box Cabinet

Pink Bau's stylish Modern Spruce Wood Litter Box Cabinet offers a functional litter box solution for small spaces. A side hallway provides easy access to the hidden litter box inside while helping minimize messes and keep litter contained. It's the perfect size for an end table, nightstand, or entryway piece in a boho or mid-century modern apartment. Each gorgeous wood cabinet is handmade with love and uniquely stained in one of five colors: natural spruce, light walnut, dark chocolate, black, and white.

Handmade Wicker Cat Litter Enclosure

If you got a BOHO home design going on then you must check out this homemade wicker cat litter box enclosure. With the natural wicker and rattan materials, this litter enclosure will blend right in your home decor while hide an unsightly box without your guest knowing there is one is sight. And unless other cat litter enclosure furniture out on the market, this one is made with love in Vietnam!

Frosted Lucite Acrylic Modern Cat Litter Box Cover/Table

This frosted acrylic cat litter box cover is a stylish and modern way to hide your kitty litter box. Perfect for any space, this study, thick, frosted Lucite cover is modern and discreet. The back panel features a u-shaped opening that allow you cat to in and out while providing privacy and ample air flow. This elegant litter box cover and use as a modern side table or cat perch. 

Modern Design Wooden Loftwalk-A Cat Litter Box Enclosure

This modern design wood loft is the perfect pace for your cat to use litter box and hide. Made from sturdy thick Baltic birch plywood material with UV coated surface. What you will LOVE about this with the upper and lower level, it helps remove litter particle from your cat's paw as your cat leaves, so it can help keep your house clean. Super easy to assemble and you can purchase it fully assembled. This litter box enclosure is perfect for any box size that is smaller than 17.0" (L) x 23.0" (W) x 12.0" (H).

Unique Round Bedside Wood Table

If you are seeking a multi-functional cat litter exclosure box then you must check this one out. The round tabletop allow you to use this as nightstand, coffee table, end table or storage cabinet while being your cat litter box furniture. Made from high quality particleboard, it is durable and can be use for years to come. 

Cat Litter Cabinet

Unique and elegant, this cabinet can be a litter box furniture, nightstand or an end table. Unlike the other furniture, this cabinet have a maximum load capacity of up to 160 lbs. With the high quality MDR panel and metal frame, this cabinet can last you years to come. Comes with side storage table, you can store some cat supplies on the rack. 

Sliding Door Cat Litter Box Furniture

This mid century-style furniture is the perfect way to hide your little box. Blends in right with rest of your interior, this furniture is incredibly stylish and comfortable for your pet. Made of humidity-proof birch plywood and animal friendly waxes and paints. You have two size and five color options to choose from, this handmade furniture is worthy of checking out.

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