January 14, 2022

A cat scratcher post is a must-have for every cat owner. Cats love to scratch and shred, as it is a way to mark their territory. They enjoy the noise and how it feels that comes with the activity.

Cat scratchers encourage healthy scratching behaviors for a happier, healthier pet while providing fun and satisfaction. As pet parents, we can also benefit from having a cat scratcher in our home. By providing a cat scratcher for your cat to scratch, it'll keep your carpet and furniture safe from their sharp claws while keeping your cat entertained.

Finding the best and most stylish cat scratchers can be challenging. While there are many bulky and eyesore cat scratchers, there are also plenty of great options available on the market today. Instead of detracting from your home decor, a cactus cat scratcher is a great stylish addition to your home, and it blends right in with your house plants and fits in your desert theme home.

To help you shop and find the best and most stylish pet furniture for your space, here are twelve best cactus cat scratcher posts on the market below. With every size and price to choose from, there's something for every pet parent.

12 Best Cactus Cat Scratcher Posts

When shopping for a new cat scratcher and a cat scratching post, stick to products made with natural sisal rope. Its rough texture helps file sharp claws, encouraging cats to keep scratching. The base and post should be made from a durable material like manufactured wood or PVC pipe.

VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Best Overall

VETRESKA Cactus Cat Scratching Post

This cute and bright color cactus post is both stylish and appealing for your cat to scratch. With a cactus bloom on top, your cat can observe its territory from a high. It is certified to ensure safe use for SGS, CPSC, and ASTM tests. Purely hand man with high-quality harmless PVC pipe wrapped with natural and tight sisal rope from top to bottom.

Tucker Murphy Pet Cactus Cat Scratching Post

This adorable Cactus Cat Scratching Post from Tucker Murphy Pet offers your cat a healthy outlet for their urge to scratch. It's just what energetic kittens and destructive indoor cats need to let out pent-up energy. The cactus-shaped posts are made from durable manufactured wood wrapped in natural sisal rope that's safe for kitty's claws. The plush fabric covering the sturdy round base provides a comfy spot for your cat to rest between play sessions with the furry balls attached. With two sizes to choose from, it's a versatile addition to any bedroom, living room, or apartment space.

Mora Pets Tall Cactus Cat Scratcher with Toy

With this Tall Cactus Cat Scratcher from Mora Pets, you can take care of your indoor cat's claws without detracting from your stylish home decor. The 33-inch tall post is wrapped in natural sisal that encourages cats to keep scratching. Its sturdy round base and plant-shaped top are covered with cozy corduroy fabric for your cat to nuzzle against. A dangling ball toy lets cats swat and bat until their heart's content. With easy assembly and durable materials, it's a suitable choice for all cat owners.

PetnPurr Handmade Cactus Cat Scratching Post

Best For Larger And Overweight Cat

PetnPurr Handmade Cactus Cat Scratching Post

For cats who like to climb, there's this Handmade Cactus Cat Scratching Post from PetnPurr. It's designed with a sturdy central post for cats to scratch, stretch, and climb however they please. A balanced base prevents tip-overs from keeping your kitty safe while they play. All 42 inches are wrapped in dark green sisal rope. The cactus design blends beautifully into your home decor, especially when placed near other large houseplants.

Catinsider Cactus Cat Tree and Scratching Posts

This Catinsider Cactus Cat Tree and Scratching Post from amazon have average customer ratings of five! All the cat parents rave about this product.

Catinsider Cactus Cat Tree And Scratching Posts is budget-friendly and is a great addition to a small apartment. At 35 inches tall, it cuts down on wasted space and adds a super cute touch to your living area. The two-in-one cat tree features a hammock-style cat bed supported by two green cactus-shaped scratching posts. While the posts are fully wrapped in durable sisal rope, the bed, square base, and cactus tops are covered in plush fabric. A strategically-placed pom-pom toy keeps your pet entertained between naps. The toy is designed to release excess pressure, ensuring your furry friend stays safe while they play.

VETRESKA Cactus Scratching Post

Most Stylish Cactus Scratching Post

VETRESKA Cactus Scratching Post

Ditch boring brown cardboard scratchers for this cute Cactus Scratching Post from VETRESKA. The tall cactus scratcher is made of lightweight PVC pipe wrapped with natural sisal rope that easily stands up to sharp claws. It's got a sturdier base and thicker posts than most other cat scratchers, ensuring your kitties have plenty of room to knead their claws. With 31-inch and 41-inch options available, it's perfect for pet parents looking for something a bit larger.

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratcher

Most Budget Friendly

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratcher

How adorable is this Cactus Cat Scratcher from Frisco? The practical scratcher boasts a sisal-wrapped post with a cute cactus shape that's guaranteed to put a smile on your face. For added comfort, there's plush fabric on the top and base for cats to nuzzle against while they care for their claws. While the 22-inch tall post is perfect for a bedroom or home office, the 31-inch tall option is great for larger living rooms and dens. It's sure to add a fun touch no matter where it's placed in your home.

Tucker Murphy Pet Cat Scratching Post and Interactive Play Pad

With so many ways to scratch and play, Tucker Murphy Pet's Cat Scratching Post and Interactive Play Pad keep indoor cats entertained for hours on end. In addition to a cactus-shaped scratching post, it's got a scratching pad, horizontal scratching pole, and spring balls for added fun. It's crafted from manufactured wood, sisal rope, and mop-textured polyester fabric. Tuck it into the corner of your living room to help prevent your cats from scratching the back of the couch.

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Tri-Post

Best For Multi-cat Household

Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Tri-Post

Protect your furniture in style with this Cactus Cat Scratching Tri-Post from Frisco. It's equipped with not one, not two, but three sisal-wrapped posts. The double-layered baseboard and cactus-shaped tops are covered in moppy polyester fabric that cats love. Fluffy pink balls keep your pets entertained while adding the look of cactus flowers. With ample room to scratch, the tall, tri-post design makes an excellent option for households with multiple cats or kittens.

Tucker Murphy Pet Cactus Scratcher and Cat Bed_

With Tucker Murphy Pet's Cactus Scratcher and Cat Bed, your cats can play, scratch, and relax on one stylish piece of pet furniture. The multi-function cat tree has a sisal-covered post, an elevated cat bed, and a dangling ball toy. Its plush flannel fabric ensures your feline feels comfortable while lounging.

EveryYay Scratchin' The Surface Cactus Cat Scratcher

Best Neutral Color Cactus Scratcher

EveryYay Scratchin' The Surface Cactus Cat Scratcher

With only under $40, this EveryYay Scratchin' The Surface Cactus Cat Scratcher is budget-friendly and makes a great gift for any cat parents or cat birthday present. Not to mention, it is eligible for free same-day delivery, so it is hassle-free for you!

This stylish cactus cat scratcher offers an intriguing surface that the cat loves. With three jute scratching posts and a soft, velvety base, it guarantees that your cat will love scratching it away.

ZEZE Desert Cactus Woven Rope Cat Scratcher

This eye-catching green color cactus will sure keep your furry friends actively engaged. Shaped with a real desert cactus with a cute hanging ball that looks like a cute little cactus fruit, this cat scratcher will blend right into your desert theme home decor.

Constructed with carpet, sisal rope, and wood frame, this cat scratcher is strong enough for long-lasting fun and games for your feline friend.

How To Pick The Right Cactus Scratching Post For your Cat


To find the perfect cactus scratching post for your cat, first, know your cats and the weight of the scratching post. This is crucial if you have an adult or overweight cat. If the scratcher is too light, it most likely gets pulled over to the floor when the cats scratch it. This can potentially frighten your cats, or worse, injure them. If your cats did not have a good experience with the scratcher, it would cause them to never play with it again.

Kittens or small cats typically do not have these issues.


Scratching post sturdiness is critical, especially if there is climbing involved. If the post is wobbly, most likely, your cat won't use it. Cats enjoy scratching sturdy surfaces that don't move or are flimsy.


While a cat scratching post isn't meant to last forever, a sturdy material post can withstand your cat's shredding for a longer period. Since scratching posts is an expensive endeavor, you will want to invest in one that can last.

When it comes to material, it's recommended to avoid scratching posts covered in carpet. Look for posts that are covered in a different material from what is in your home. This way, your cat can differentiate what can and can't be scratched.

The sisal fabric material is the preferred material by cats and cat owners. Sisal fabric is heavy-duty and feels great for cats to shred. Their claws can easily draw into the fabric and get a good grip, while the texture and resistance feel great to the cat's paw and claw.


Depending on your space and your cat's preference, you may want to get a taller scratching post. Some cats love to scratch while climbing up the post for a good stretch.

Horizontal and Vertical

Most cats enjoy scratching up and scratching horizontally. When possible, it's best to incorporate both directional surfaces for your cat to scratch.

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