Ever noticed your cat rhythmically pushing their paws against a soft surface? 😺🐾 This common and charming behavior is known as 'cat kneading' or 'making biscuits.' It’s not just a cute quirk but a deep-seated trait linked to their kittenhood.

Cats knead for multiple reasons. It brings them comfort, echoing the milk-stimulating action from when they were kittens. Moreover, kneading allows them to mark their territory subtly through scent glands in their paws, asserting their presence.

Why Cats Knead

Kneading also serves as an emotional expression and muscle stretch. Cats may knead to show happiness or to stretch after a nap. For some, it’s a way to seek attention, turning this instinctive action into a prompt for affection from their owners.

Behavioral Significance

Beyond comfort, kneading can signal anxiety relief or preparation for rest. Cats might knead during stressful times for self-soothing or knead soft surfaces to create a cozy spot, mirroring wild behavior of preparing a nest.