Crafting a perfect haven for your feline friend while ensuring their safety can be challenging. Catios offer a brilliant solution gaining popularity among cat owners. Discover how to create a secure outdoor space tailored to your cat's needs.

A catio is a cat enclosure designed to offer the best of indoor and outdoor worlds. These secure spaces allow cats to experience the outdoors safely, mitigating risks from traffic, predators, and other hazards.

What Is A Catio?

Catios keep cats safe from outdoor dangers and enrich their lives with fresh air and natural stimulation. They protect local wildlife and reduce indoor behavioral issues, promoting a happier, healthier feline lifestyle.

The Benefits Of A Catio

How Much Does A Catio Cost?

Costs vary based on size, materials, and design. DIY catios can start at $100, while professional installations can exceed $5,000. Tailor your catio to fit your budget and space, from simple setups to elaborate designs.