Discover the World of Cat Litter 🐈 From clumping clay to eco-friendly options, find the perfect fit for your feline friend's needs and your environmental values.

Made from bentonite clay, clumping clay litter forms solid clumps for easy cleanup. It's a go-to for odor control and less frequent changes, though it's heavier and not biodegradable.

Clumping Clay Litter - The Convenient Choice

Explore sustainable choices like bamboo, corn, and recycled paper litters. They offer biodegradability and are gentle on the planet, with unique benefits such as minimal dust and natural odor control.

Bamboo, Corn, and Recycled Paper - Eco-Friendly Alternatives 🌎

Silica Gel and Walnut Shell Litter - Innovative Options

Silica gel litter impresses with its high absorbency and odor control, while walnut shell litter provides natural clumping and eco-friendliness. Both are dust-minimal and cater to respiratory sensitivities.