Meet the Red Golden Retriever, a stunning variation of the beloved Golden Retriever with a rich mahogany coat. These dogs share the same affable and intelligent personality as their lighter-coated cousins, making them fantastic companions.

Red Golden Retrievers are friendly, outgoing, and highly trainable, with a high need for exercise and mental stimulation. Despite being field bred and slightly smaller than standard Goldens, they retain the breed's friendly and affectionate nature.

Breed Characteristics

Originally bred in Scotland in the 1800s for hunting, the Red Golden Retrievers’ distinct color likely comes from crossing with the Irish Setter. This recessive trait makes them quite rare and ineligible for show standards due to their darker coat.

A Rich History

Perfect Pet Potential

Whether it's for family, therapy, or rescue work, Red Golden Retrievers excel in various roles thanks to their adaptability and eagerness to please. They are excellent with children, seniors, and other pets, thriving in environments that provide love and activity.