Before picking up a cat, observe its body language. Is it seeking attention by meowing or rubbing against you? This behavior suggests the cat is open to interaction. Always approach calmly and allow the cat to acknowledge your presence.

Especially if it’s not your pet, always talk to the cat’s owner first. Ask if the cat enjoys being held. This respect for both the pet’s and owner’s boundaries ensures safety and comfort for all involved.

Asking Permission

To lift a cat correctly, place one hand behind the front legs where you can feel the rib cage and use the other hand to support the back legs and bottom. This method ensures the cat feels secure and supported.

Proper Handling Techniques

The Lift

Gently lift the cat by straightening your back, bringing the cat close to your chest. This position provides comfort and helps the cat feel more secure in your arms. Remember to stay calm and move smoothly to keep the cat at ease.