The Pet Staff acquired CocoaCats domain in hopes of refurbishing it in the future. We believe that cats deserve an entire dedicated website and we hope that this domain will allow us to do just that!

“We’re excited to start on this new journey when the time comes”  - Lara Girsko

What was CocoaCats?

We are not sure what it was before or if anything existed, but we love the name! Cats are important to a lot of people and we want to make sure that they get the attention they serve. When the time comes, we hope that this domain will become a go to source for cat knowledge! 

What does this mean for you?

Nothing for now. The domain is not active but we hope to develop it soon! It will probably be a separate website when the time comes 🙂 

What do we expect to CocoaCats to be?

Well, simply put, a website about everything cats. Cats on cats on cats. We still don't have all the details completed yet. 

“We hope to turn this domain into something beautiful one day” - Lara Girsko

The purchase of CocoaCats domain is a milestone for The Pet Staff and will be a great addition once the time comes.

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